I have lots of strange thoughts that wander through my head. One that has been recurring lately is “What would early humans do to solve this problem?” Now if you’re a creationist, you might want to skip this all together because it’s not going to speak to you. But I digress…

As a new (again) mom I wonder about things like how early humans bathed their babies, because there were no safe and snugly baby bath tubs. I wonder about breastfeeding, because sometimes when you’re feeding the baby both boobs start to leak, and I am so thankful for a bra and breast pads, so what would Cro Magnon Mom do? There are some baby gadgets that I think are marketing crap that ‘the man’ tricks you into thinking you need. Then there are baby gadgets that I just cannot live without – the bouncy seat, the pacifier and a bottle are way up there.

So sometimes when I’m alone with my thoughts, which is not very often, I wonder these things. Let’s face it- I’m surrounded by men who all need me most of the time, so having time to sit and ponder such things hardly ever happens. But when it does I picture what the first bouncy seats, pacifiers, bottles, etc. looked like. Am I alone in thinking about these things? What weird things do you think about when you have the luxury to ponder the imponderables?

Also, here are some beach photos, which I think are totally adorable (of course). Henry enjoyed a nap as soon as we arrived at the beach.

Our little set up.

Jack in his beach gear.

Jack and I went swimming. We were the only ones in the family crazy enough to go in the cold, cold water.

When we got back we spent some time shirtless, just for fun. (Okay, actually we were applying some aloe lotion to Jack as a preemptive sunburn strike, thankfully, it worked.)

Later Henry and I spent some time pool-side.