I have two boys. This means there will be lots of car, air and other things-that-go shows in my future. This is one air show I can get behind. Note my beach wear, beach water and beach chair. Also, you know, the beach.

See, I might be amused by planes flying in the air but not because I know what kid of plane or even the aeronautical principals that allow it to be in the air despite its massive size. I accept these things at face value. What I love about planes, trains and automobiles is the look on Jack’s face when he sees them, I love what he has to say about them and I love the way his imagination explodes because of them.

Jack enjoyed lunch during our show.

It was super hot, the kind of hot that comes with news broadcasters telling the elderly and the very young to stay indoors all day. I wasn’t too worried about Jack because one new sentence he’s been saying lately is “I’m thirsty.” Henry was another story. We packed a spray bottle, a bottle of formula and I fed him formula and breast milk as often as he would take it. It was breezy on the beach and we kept him under the umbrella the entire time. He did really well. The spray bottle with cool water was key, I think.

Coast Guard Helicopter which was apparently part of a rescue demonstration.

SMJ-2 Texans (according to my husband), but I call this “the 6 planes who flew in cool formations and did cool tricks” part of the Air Show. The Husband keeps talking about going to the air show at Andrews AFB, but it’s on a huge tarmac. I remember going as a kid and it was SO HOT that we had to sit under the planes displayed in the tarmac, in the stade to escape the heat.
I can remember that day as a kid and I can remember thinking “I wish we were at the pool, or I wish there was a pool here.” Did I mention my aquatic obsession? Seriously, I have a long-standing addiction to water. My Great Aunt Hazel is allergic to water, weird, right?

Overall, the vacation was a total hit! I had major help from my parents during the week that the Husband was back here working Pa-Pa played endless games of “Igachoo (I got you)” a.k.a tag with Jack and GiGi was always available to snuggle Henry so I could catch 5 minutes to myself to, you know, feed my internet addiction. I’m really psyched for our next one!