We’ve kinda been potty training Jack since he was 6 months old. He’s been sitting on the potty at least once a day. So as he’s grown he’s sat on the potty more times a day and as of a few weeks ago he was using only the potty 3 out of every 5 days or so. One of my mommy friends asked what I was waiting for (honestly, I was just waiting till we were having no accidents ever before putting him in underwear full-time.)

So I bit the bullet and made the switch. Sometimes he wears Little Beatle training pants- they’re a little more bulky which means they catch accidents much better than Lightening McQueen. We’ve been in cloth at nap and a regular Huggies Natural at night because when he does go at night, he goes A LOT and cloth, even with extra inserts, doesn’t catch it all. We’ve had about 4 total accidents in the last 7 days, which I think is pretty good! So this makes me think, how do you define potty trained? I wouldn’t call Jack potty trained, because to me he still doesn’t seem potty trained, but I don’t know. I can’t imagine that no accidents ever is the only way to qualify as potty trained. I mean, what about all those pregnant women who sneeze-pee? So please share your thoughts in my poll about potty training, and obviously, feel free to elaborate, or discuss anything else in ‘comments’.

In addition to potty training my toddler this week I decided to bring on the cloth. You know, because I’m a sadist. This is Henry’s picture of his “First Fluff”. Seriously, I lurve cloth diapers. I mean, they’re eco-friendly, cost effective, good for the skin and AH-dorable! We’re using disposables when we go out, because the thought of washing out a cloth diaper in a public bathroom while trying to keep my toddler from touching every disgusingly dirty surface, makes my blood run cold.