Every mid-Atlantic beach I’ve ever been to has one small 2 lane road leading all beach-visitors to their destination. This means traffic backs up for miles and crawls at an unreasonably slow pace. (Hello, transporation people… this is a problem we can solve!)

Henry seems to take great pleasure in making our road trips memorable, so while we’re sitting in this painfully slow line of cars I hear all the tell-tale signs of an eminent diaper change. Seriously, though, traffic was so bad people were honking and shouting at each other. The one road that was merging with ours no one on our road was letting anyone in, it was madness. The Husband suggests that we pull over and change Henry’s diaper and I’m all like “Oh no you didn’t”. I exaggerate, actually I gave the most logical and responsible parenting response I could think of: “No way, no one is ever going to let us back in. I’ll hop out, grab Henry and change him on the side of the road while you keep driving.”

So that’s exactly what I did.
I cannot believe Matt grabbed this pic of Henry and I in the rear view mirror as he left us in the dust.

It was a pretty smart idea of mine on paper, but the practical applications weren’t well thought out. See, running about 300 yards to catch up with my car while wearing flip flops and carrying the infant car seat is no small feat. Waddle waddle waddle.

Next road trip I’m wearing my runnin’ shoes.