In the eyes of our toddler, it was a BIG BIG day! Today we went to Strasburg to see Thomas! We got there pretty early in the morning, but the parking lots were all full so we had to park a mile away in the overflow lots. Which irked me, until Jack realized we got to ride a BUS to get to the rail station. Irk replaced with glee.

Henry enjoyed his ride on Thomas.

Even the ceilings in the cars were pretty.

They has a little tiny train.

Jack and I had to ride it.

We also rode on the old Strasburg steem engine (which apparently has wine and cheese rides in the evenings. YUM!)

We must have watched the trains pull out and into the station 4, 5, maybe even 6 times.


Jack lurves watching the engine chug-chug along.

My in-laws were key players in making this trip so much fun. Extra hands for Jack and Henry. Extra eyes to point out and look at cool train things. Extra people to laugh at the funny things Jack said and the funny expressions Henry made.

I can’t imagine how the Husband and I would have managed without them! They were very useful grandparents.

We wouldn’t have beel able to take this great family pic, that’s for sure!

The day ended, as all good summer-ish days should end, with an ice cream cone.
I took 96 pictures and have about 3 minutes of train video. Which is a mark of a good time!
Serioiusly, I’m marking the calendar for next year’s trip. I cannot wait to do this again!!