My friend Katie and I met because our boys were in Mommy and Me swim class together. We discovered that we had lots in common, and so did our boys (who are only 2 months apart). She was pregnant with her second baby at the same time as me. We were due a mere one day apart! Our new baby boys are nearly 6 months old and we’re just finally getting the kiddos together to play.

This is clearly a sign of the times. Our lives are just too busy! Colin and Henry were fast friends.

Jack was immediately taken with the dog, Dutchess.

Liam (LJ) is already sitting!
The kids had such a good time, and it certainly doesn’t hurt for me to have a mom to talk to who is dealing with the same developmental stages at the same time! Juggling two is a different experience than learning to adapt to having one, so having someone else saying “I barely survived the first 3 months!” is pretty darn validating.
I’m not trying to scare you, the first 3 months are really not all that bad. Especially because you already ‘know what you’re doing’. But the first 3 months with two at home, all day, no breaks, is pretty chaotic. Chaos and I… we’re like oil and water; we’re not friends.