… on paper.

There are lots of things that I think about during the day. Here are a few of the highlights:

Opening an Etsy shop. I love to paint, but I’ve run out of walls to hang things on (which is the real reason we’re trying to move.) I’d also love to make a little cash, so marrying the two seems to make sense. I’ve entered art shows and such before but I was a kid, frankly the idea of putting time and effort into developing an Etsy shop, only to have things sit, lonely, unpurchased would feel an awful lot like rejection.

Build a home from ‘scratch’. I would love to buy land and then buy a bunch of used shipping containers (like the ones FEMA finally started using after Katrina.) They’re the right basic dimensions to create modest rooms and building a great room in the center and putting a roof on top wouldn’t be that hard. Right? Besides, the idea of reusing on that kind of scale is so green it makes me squee!

Plural Marriage. I’m not talking scary FLDS, that’s a whole different thing. That new TLC show Sister Wives has me thinking. Clearly, the practical applications of bringing another person into a marriage have some pitfalls (understatement.) But there would certainly be some benefits- more hands for laundry, cooking, cleaning, childcare, etc. A live-in friend for me, friends for the kids. Don’t get me wrong making marriage work with only two people participating is hard enough sometimes. But if one could ignore or actually work through the challenges of that lifestyle there are certainly some benefits.

Writing a Book. I have thoughts and I’m an eensy bit narcissistic. I think I have the making of an author… maybe even a good one. I’ve started about 9 books, some fiction and some non-fiction so far and I have finished not a one. I’m limited by my attention span. I always get somewhere between planning & research and 20 pages before I get distracted, busy, lazy and the whole plan fizzles. Someday I swear I’m actually going to finish a book. Frankly, I don’t even care if anyone would want to publish it. Finishing the damn thing would be satisfaction enough.