Here is my list of the top 10 things that made 2010 what it was. This is a great idea, it’s like a year in review but less text-heavy and more picture-friendly. Inspired by Sluiter Nation.

10. Trying to sell the house. We’re still not sure what’s happening there. We’ve been on the market since July, but we’re selling a town house and there are just short of a billion townhouses in our area on the market in our price range so even though ours is upgraded and pretty nice it’s like trying to win the lottery. (July-present)

9. Uncle Tom. First He tells us this spring that he’s selling everything he owns and moving to San Francisco. Then he starts dating a girl, Alba, who we love and she’s applying to MBA programs and he’s going to move again and follow her. Which includes a possible move back east. Number 9 goes to Uncle Tom ‘the nomad’. (August)

8. Our trip to the National Zoo. We’ve been saying since Jack was born that we should go, well finally this past spring we got around to it! Jack loved the animals and so did we. (March)

7. The emotionally scarring blizzards. You know, one blizzard might have been fun but there was just way too much snow last winter to be amusing. The two blizards this February were definitely memorable. The way the neighborhood got together to dig out the pregnant ladies ‘just in case’. The gallons of cocoa we drinked and hours of Wii we played to pass the time. Aaahh… memories. (February)
6. Acknowledging and getting help for my postpardum anxiety. Finally all those panic attacks, all those things I couldn’t let go of, the constant guilt and shame all made sense. And dissolved, quickly! (October)

5. Jack’s second birthday. We had to delay because of the blizzards but when we got down to it we had a Robotic blast! (February)
4. The Carlsons move to NC. My Mom’s group has been a super important part of my life and we’ve had some moms over the years who have stopped coming for various reasons but Lindsey and her daughter Cady were ‘regulars’ and their absence has not gone without notice. Jack, even now, talks about his friend Cady and how she needs to come over and play. Agreed, little buddy. (August)
3. Sea Isle City, NJ. What a blast. The little house we stayed in wasn’t a perfect fit for our whole extended family but we really had an amazing time. (July)

2. I’ll call this one ‘Being Healthy’. This year I did more for myself and my health than I ever have before. I decided to become a vegetarian (who still eats seafood). I’ve been very committed to my yoga. I’ve worked with a fabulous acupuncturist. Lets just lump all this in to one big category of being dedicated to my own health.

1. Henry! I was really anxious about having a VBAC, so I picked a midwife practice with a high rate of success for VBACs. When I went into labor the only thought in my mind was “Oh my god, I’m actually going to get to do this.” I did it! It was everything I needed it to be and so much more. I’m pretty sure Henry liked his birth experience too, especially the staying with and cuddling mommy uninterrupted. Henry has been such a joy to have in our family we’re all so very lucky to have him.