We talk about outer space often in this house. All. The. Time. For Christmas Jack got a model of the solar system and he wanted to play with it right away. Well we started working on it together right after the new year. (Note: Jack suited up for the project.) And by together I mean that I painted many many layers with modeling paint while Jack watched, asked me what color I was using, which planet I was painting and occasionally flew around the room in his space ship.

Finally all the planets were painted (sitting in halves on the box) and we were ready to assemble. Well Jupiter and Saturn, true to life are much larger and much heavier that Uranus and Neptune which meant I was not only stringing planets on fishing wire but I was stringing washers and old bolts on the fishing wire and encasing them in the less dense Uranus and Neptune in order for the mobile to hang flat. If Jack had only been a little older this would have been an awesome discussion & experiment on mass.
Then while trying to hang it we got locked in Jack’s room.
But eventually we escaped and we are now free to marvel at and discuss the planets as we please.

Now I’ve moved on.

Tonight I started the dinosaur project for Henry’s room. One Stegosaurus down, several other dinos to go.