Snow is all pretty and stuff and it causes cute snuggly days inside.

But big fat wet snow, makes trees do this.

Our neighbor rang our doorbell at 9pm last night and the Husband and I looked at each other like “Who could that be…” We open the door and our neighbor is like “Hurry, you guys, you have to move your car, like right now!”

Good thing we didn’t hesitate. Within 5 minutes we heard this gigantic snap and the sound of creaking splintering wood. This tree in front of our neighbor’s house split in half. The heaviest part went into the newly empty parking spaces and a little landed against the house but didn’t hurt anyone or damage anything.

I know just a few months ago I was talking about how bad I wanted to move. But especially when this kind of stuff happens and our neighborhood rolls up its collective sleeves it makes me so very happy to be right here.

And this is what it looked like this morning.