It’s genius, it’s inspired, it makes julienne fries! This is the epitome of simple fun. Brenna made goodie bags for her son, Amedeo’s birthday with the ingredients for this Balloon on a String. The beauty of the thing is the whole kit and kaboodle is easy to acquire, inexpensive and it kept the kids (yes, both of them) entertained for at least an hour!

Obviously, I couldn’t keep this a secret!Not to mention the giggles that ensued! Which allowed me some time to lay a swanky new peel and stick tiles in the laundry room. It’s incredibly easy, I’m doing it totally myself (so entertaining the boys with this genius balloon doo-hicky is key to working on this project. Pictures to come.)

Have you noticed we have a bit of a floor theme going on around here?

Also, here’s a cool yoga tidbit- Have you noticed when babies get to the age where they’re squirmy they will try to throw themselves out of your arms? They always lead with their heart. They fearlessly throw their entire body sternum-first backwards to try to get out of your arms. Why do they do this? They’re still connected to the universal.