Now, I’m pretty green, as per the organic eating, cloth diapering, recycling, etc. But my husband is crazy green and crazy cheap. He prefers that everything not actively in use should be turned off and unplugged. TV, Computer, even the alarm clock… okay not really the alarm clock but everything else is true in his ideal world.

He even has one of these things which tells you how much power every single thing you own draws. I’m not saying our marriage was on the rocks because of this… but it was close… He has plugged everything we own into it. Reporting to me (each and every time) how much power something draws and how much money to the nearest cent it costs us.

I may be exaggerating a little. But only a little.

Ever the man of compromise he came up with a solution- This power strip is smart, and kinky. It’s an S&M power strip. Get your mind out of the gutter!

Your TV is plugged into the ‘master’ and when the TV is on your Wii, XBox, DVD player, AV system is powered too. When your TV is off NO POWER is drawn to any of the ‘slave’ systems. Those aux. systems always draw some amount of power if they’re plugged in and they’re cosing you money- dollars per month or more. But they don’t need it because they aren’t in use. The power strip senses the TV turn on (when you use your remote from the comfort of your couch) and then starts up everything else instantaneously (while you remain comfortably on your couch). Are you sensing a theme here?

There are 2 slots for ‘always on’ items like DVR and Internet.

The thing costs less than $25 and we’ll earn that back before the first year of using the thing. That’s an awesome rate of return!! Also? My husband gets to geek out over the tech, and I get to say things like “Yes, dear.”

I’m just telling you about this because it’s cool, not because I’m getting a kickback or anything like that. Also, I like to save the planet because it gives me warm fuzzy feelings. If you can swing the $25- you should totally get one!