I have an umbilical hernia.

Apparently after Henry was born and everything was supposed to grow back together… it didn’t. I just thought my belly button was just going to be an outtie now- not so, my friends.

I have a glamorous bulge of insides on the outside. I went last Thursday and got the diagnosis, then this Tuesday I went for my surgical consult. Next Monday I’ll be chillin’ in an OR getting myself fully reassembled. I’m really excited for how quickly everything is happening because my commitments to my family and to yoga are certainly being affected. After a week recovery I should be ‘good as new’. That makes me happy because I really want to get back to life.
Thinking back to Jack’s c-section I’m a little worried about recovery being more challenging than I expect. I’m also wondering if being back in an OR will bring back any of the twitchy trauma type stuff I felt right after Jack was born. But those concerns are really in the back of my mind compared with my desire to be well for myself for my family and for my yoga practice.
I will totally be posting a ‘before’ pic the morning of the surgery. ::shudder:: Here’s hoping the after is dead sexy! HAH!