The Husband works for the government. So when congress can’t agree on a budget and doesn’t pass a continuing resolution he doesn’t go to work and we don’t get paid. Now a little unpaid vacation is all well and good if you plan for it, but if you don’t… well that just plain sucks.

Henry’s First Birthday Party is this weekend and to be frank, I’m worried about spending too much money on food. There aren’t many areas we can trim the budget. I already cut every one’s hair myself, we don’t eat out, I’m not willing to give up fresh organic foods, we use the library, we aren’t doing any paid camps or classes right now (luckily), so I have to completely eliminate my online shopping habit which is fine. But we had plans, and now they’re all on hold because our polarized government is fighting over money. Not cool. So I’m kinda busy panicking right now.

Just to be clear, it’s not like we’re about to starve and things are really not that disastrous. In the interest of full disclosure we haven’t really directly felt the impact of the crappy economy (except for a pathetic attempt at selling our house.) So now that the economy, and a bickering congress are knocking on my door it’s really scary!