Reasons Angel is cool:

  • He’s an older man (When Buffy was 16 he was 141.)
  • He’s worldly (granted he was slaughtering innocents during most of his globe trotting… but, hey.)
  • He has perfectly messed-up hair.
  • He has a soul.
  • He kicked major bad-guy ass.
  • Buffy could kick his ass (really, Buffy could kick any one’s ass…)
  • Buffy was concerned about his soul (especially that one time when he lost it.)

Angel is a champion. Yes, he loves Buffy and she is his moment of true happiness but his actions don’t revolve around her. He’s 5×5 when it comes to Buffy but ultimately he’s about fighting evil and righting wrongs. He wants to save the world. One demon. One dragon. One supremely evil law firm at a time.

Reasons Edward Cullen is cool:

  • He copied Angels hair.
  • He’s an older man (when Bella was 17 he was 70 something.)
  • He’s concerned about Bella’s soul.
  • He growled at people who tried to hurt Bella.

He loves Bella. He would kick ass for her. He also may have single white femaled Angel.

Where is this all coming from? You’ve been living under a rock if you don’t know about Grey’s Anatomy’s episode this week. But I can’t think about this upcoming episode without thinking about the awesomeness that is Once More With Feeling. Granted Angel isn’t even in this season of Buffy, but is it possible to think about Buffy and not think about Angel? Can you breathe in and not breathe out? I didn’t think so.

Do you watch Grey’s? Are you psyched for this week’s episode?

Could Angel kick Edward’s ass? Who’s with me?