I always love a new vegetarian experiment (though technically the pasta salad is pescetarian) so here’s what we have: Tuna pasta salad with whole wheat pasta, carrot, spinach, and tuna (mixed with olive oil mayo). The hot dog, which has been Jack’s obsession for the last few days, was found by Jack in the veggie section at the grocery store- it’s a Light Life Smart Sausage in a whole wheat bun. It was amazing! Matt says it would be great for bangers and mash, Jack and Henry both loved it. Jack got high-fives from daddy for his great find at the store!

Recently we also made vegetarian BBQ ‘Chicken’ pizza. The trick is mixing pizza sauce with equal parts BBQ sauce before adding the cheese, veggies and saytan flavored like chicken. This was also a huge hit. So good…. drool.
We’re not one for recipes (in case you haven’t guessed). The pizza crust comes from a recipe but everything else it just “however much looks good”. Unless it’s cookies- there is one law in this house. Don’t mess with cookies. Follow the recipe; don’t try to be a hero. Think of the children.