Favorite Things!!! I’m not Oprah, so you’re not getting an iPad. But here are 4 of my favorite things. And it’s my gift to you, gentle readers. You can enter the same as before, one for a comment and bonus for being a follower. This giveaway will also close at 6:31pm this Wednesday.Voila!This Hazelnut flavored Agave Sweetener is my favorite addition to my morning coffee. It makes me feel like I’ve gone to a fancy coffee shop but it’s a natural healthy sweetener and it tastes amazing and it’s more budget friendly than a 4 dollar-a-day coffee habit! So in an effort to bring my addiction to you, I’d like you to have one.
I love having a sweet treat on hand. I like these Ginger Candies because they’re yummy and comparatively speaking, good for you. And if the kids try to pilfer from my stash I don’t feel guilty about sharing because they contain natural ingredients.
Speaking of the kids, this is a great “It’s time to leave the playground/ Go to the store /Finish your meal bribe” And they’re made of natural ingredients! Because they’re gummy they take a while to eat which is an added bonus for me!

Last but not least: an infinity scarf I crocheted from my own made-up pattern. It’s aqua-ish, sea foam-ey turquoise. Made from naturally dyed cotton. (I’m allergic to wool.)

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