During my weekend away my attempts at embracing aparigraha played second fiddle to my desire to shop for pretty things in an adult-like way.

If you have tiny humans of your own you know what it’s like to take them shopping. No stores with breakable things. Attention constantly divided between what you’re looking for and making sure they aren’t running amok. I discovered The Coconut Bay. A new store in Historic Berlin, MD. They have the coolest Buddhist, Hindu and early Christian collection of items I’ve ever seen. Beautiful Celtic Crosses.

Statues of Buddha in every shape and size. Carvings of Hindu gods & goddesses. Wicked cool pagan stuff (I couldn’t help myself).
Even Japanese shoes.
At the antique stores I scored some more plates for my wall art in the dining room.

I’m starting a collection of tea cups and saucers, I even got a cast iron tea pot, for less than 50% the going rate!

And a stool for the kids. Because when I cook I usually have an audience, and with only one stool there are many disagreements over who gets to stand on it.