Seriously, sometimes the Internet is awesome! (Sometimes it’s like a heroin addiction, but that’s another topic for another day).

So I posted and was all “Woe is me,” which I do because it helps me process and let go of my own negative feelings. But I also share the bad stuff because I get e-mail messages from strangers, Facebook messages from friends and comments from readers all saying the same thing “I feel the same way, I’m thinking about getting help, thank you for sharing your story.” More than hearing myself talk I like knowing that my words are reaching people and teaching them or supporting them, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Ahywho, so Melissa commented on my blog and was like “Sounds like Herx” it never in a million years would have occurred to me that the emotional symptoms could be caused by a system wide reaction like that. I love that sometimes I help people because of the interwebs and sometimes people help me. I also know that 21 days isn’t always successful in treating Lyme so I’m watching out, and being careful, but if I have to go back on doxy I’d rather do it in the fall so I’m content to drag my feet for now. I digress, so I was feeling down and then the next morning I woke up and felt fine. Like totally, completely, I need to clean my house, and wear make up, and exercise, because I’ve really let it all go, fine! My friends have good things going on and I’m content in my own life so I can genuinely be all squee for them. Cancer still sucks a big one, but I haven’t gone to Hogwarts, I’m just detoxing so I can’t make that one go away.

My dining room table is still a mess right now, but that’s because we just finished dinner homemade pizza, not frozen- another indicator that I have successfully removed my head from my ass. But as it turns out my head wasn’t where I thought it was, I was detoxing. Epsom salt bath, twisting yoga poses, drink lots of water, here I come!!

All of a sudden I’m the pinnacle of productive living and sanity and my husband is lazy and coo-coo for cocoa puffs by comparison. It’s not his fault, he’s empathetic, I may have dragged him down a bit, but I can also lift him up. I’m cool like that.