And not the fun and sexy kind, either.

Lets cover my recent ailments:

  1. Cranky.
  2. The rash from the seventh circle of hell.
  3. I’ve been way too deep in my head and not nearly present enough.

This past weekend was yet another yoga teacher training weekend. At this point I shouldn’t be surprised, but yoga can actually fix everything. Crankiness? Gone! I get cranky when I’m acting too cerebral, agonizing over the past and planning against hypothetical futures. Yoga reminds me to let that go. Live in the present. Remembering that makes the other things melt away.

That evil rash that kept coming back? Might not have been an air allergy or some Lyme Disease fall out after all. The rash happened in class and one of my teachers told me she felt it was similar to a Niacin reaction she once had…. Yes, I was taking Niacin. So today I skipped the niacin and whaddya know, no rash!

Embracing a yogic lifestyle paves the way for lots of wonderful things I just need to remember to… you know… atha yoga anushasanam (now, do yoga). Meaning: don’t put it off you can always come to (or come back to) the practice of yoga.