your retired t-shirts that you don’t wear anymore but can’t bear to get rid of for  sentimental reasons.
Your College/University teeLet me slice it up.  (Whaaaat?!?!?!) Your Concert Tee or your team’s tee, or a tee from summer camp or high school or a swim meet (Thanksgiving Long Course? Maybe that was just me.)

Imortalize your alma mater, the Dallas cowboys, the Ohio State Buckeyes (sorry, hon), the Seattle Mariners or even Lilith Fair on your little one’s butt.

Upcycle your tee. Imortalize it. What better way to live vicariously through your children.or if you’re like me grab your favorite ‘nerd’ tee and go to town!

If you really do want a t-shirt made into a diaper or diaper cover (planet killer, j/k) send me an e-mail: Tales of fruit and cake at gmail dot com (no spaces) or scoot over to my little Etsy shop.  Please include a photo of the shirt(s) in your e-mail.

If the image is larger than 8″x8″ it will be impossible to keep the whole thing (see the Dave Matthews cut-out). 

Pricing will be determined on a case by case basis.  Each shirt is different and thus will be evaluated individually.  I will be adding a t-shirt diaper item to my Etsy Shop ASAP.