This morning I woke up and when I went to put on an episode of Wild Kratts (as requested) I realized that all the episodes of this season of True Blood have been deleted from the DVR. Somehow evil garden gnomes have broken into my home and tried to sabotage my trashy-TV habit. I’m pissed.

Then I logged onto facebook and couldn’t view any of the images. Like any. At all. WTF?

Then I logged on to the blog and realized that my tomato post which looked totally fabulous when I originally wrote it was all but deleted. There were 9 pictures with captions. It was visual and witty- and what I saw was a HOT MESS OF CRAP. Hopefully it’s fixed, permanently.

Then I went to edit a photo and somehow the properties set it to “locked” as in uneditable. I have no idea how that happened to the one photo but none of the others.

So whatever temporal disruption or electromagnetic storm or version of the hellmouth that’s been messing with my stuff, really needs to stop. Like, now.  Kthxbi.