But I feel as though I have been quite neglectful of my blogging.  Have you noticed?  I hope not!

It’s chaos (happy chaos, so that’s a good) around here lately.  I’m getting ready for this big Western Adventure.  Which means lots of strapping Henry in the Ergo and putting Jack on his bike and running to keep up.  I’ve been working on Jack’s quilt.  Phase 1 is now complete.  I’m so pleased.  It only took 2 naps to complete!

The hardest part was keeping track of where I was in the pattern, but that’s why my color-coded diagram was so key!

Aside from training, packing and quilting I’ve also been playing.

We played with playgroup. There were water ballons.

And watermellon.

We even enjoyed shade provided by my mostly annoying cherry tree. We live near Washington, DC. So in March for about 5 days I feel like I’m living at the Cherry Blossom Festival. It’s wonderful. Then the pink snow falls down into my yard and onto my sidewalk and I end up cleaning up pink petals off my floors and out of my carpets for WEEKS. Also, nothing, I mean NOTHING will grow at the base of that tree. The root system is shallow and completely overpowers anything I’ve ever planted (and I try to plant something new every spring and every fall. I officially accept that it is the way it is and no pretty flowers will grow in the ground there.

p.s. I fly to Vegas in 5 days!!