simulate the weight you will be carrying when you hike. any sized baby or toddler will do. in a pinch small dogs or bags of sand would make an adequate substitue.

chase the kids up a hill; a mountan would be better, but this is the east coast, after all

enjoy nature

bribe the kids with candy, it's a 2 mile hike and they have short legs!

hike with a buddy!

I’m trying to be as creative as possible.  Maryland is as flat as the great plains when compared to the elevation changes we’re going to be dealing with.  Luckily, Henry weighs the same as the pack I will be wearing.  I’ve been walking and sometimes jogging a lot.  I wear my hiking boots most of the time.

I wonder… should I treat this as a shave & taper meet?  Should I rest and try to relax before I go?  or should I keep up the good work?  I only have 2 days left….

I.  Cannot.  Wait.