No matter how much I complain about the backpacking and how hard the Canyon was, it was much much better than Las Vegas.  Now being in Vegas was relaxing… because it was boring.  I don’t gamble.  I’m not going to get wasted by the pool at 10am like everyone else.  I’m not going to spend 2 hours doing my hair and makeup so I shake my ass like a desperate 30-something in a club.  And I couldn’t help but look around at everything and find it all to be incredibly wasteful.

I enjoyed our jacuzzi tub immensely.  And I relaxed by the pool quite a bit.  I also enjoyed the variety of restaurants.  The people watching was hilarious and tragic and wildly amusing.

I couldn’t get over the $12 dollar per K-cup Keurig in our room, or the $25 for daily wi-fi access.  And the idea that I should pay $15 for a poorly formulated cocktail when I know someone who makes a famously awesome margarita (BG) I couldn’t take it.  I longed for the Best Western in Flagsaff, with its humble pool and hot tub, free wi-fi and complimentary continental breakfast.  I definitely came home relaxed with a sweet tan, so clearly it wasn’t that bad. 😉

we stayed at Caesars Palace

Belagio Fountain view from ground level.

the Flamingo

the pool (apparently there was a topless pool because some Palace staff tried to recruit me for a topless pool party. Um, no thanks.)

the view from our room