I feel this way on a near weekly basis. I scroll through Facebook status updates and Tweets. I read all the blogs I am subscribed to via Google Reader and my Flipbook RSS, let us say there are quite a few. I read several of the interesting articles as recommended to me by Zite, which sometimes include blogs I’m already subscribed to. I hit Pinterest, hard. I check my e-mail, both of them. And by about 9:45am I have usually reached the end of the Internet.

It’s my own fault. I’ve tried to expand what I read and check and scroll through but if I add anything something else often gets deleted, if not from my actual bookmarks then from my brain.

It has become painfully clear to me that my brain is only capable of tracking, acquiring and retaining so much information in any given day. Once I have reached my maximum capacity I may as well have reached the end of the Internet. Reading anymore jeopardizes my ability to remember to deodorize before leaving the house, or finish a load of laundry or change the boys our of their PJs before 11am. Fortunately they don’t seem to mind staying in their PJs… but the other stuff? That’s kinda important… especially deodorizing. Moms can be judgmental, the last thing I need is to add “she stinks!” to a list of reasons not to like me!

Do you ever reach the end of the Internet? How do you cope?