My vague and non-specific date of fetal arrival is April 5.

We will be calling him “Hitch” as in “Hitchhiker” for the duration, as he hiked the Grand Canyon with us, and survived!  I mean I barely did, fo realz.

I have not been nauseous at all.  But I have what can only be described as pregnancy narcolepsy.  I am SO FREEKIN’ TIRED, it’s all I can do to stay awake.

Yesterday I heard the heartbeat on doppler for the first time.  Hence the big announcement.  When the midwife asked Jack what he thought that sound was he exclaimed “It’s another baby!”  He is now obsessed with talking to the baby, and telling me to eat so I can feed the baby.  He’s hilarious!

We are not finding out what we’re having.  Because it doesn’t matter.  So we will all wait patiently for the next 27-31.5 weeks. 

On the drive home from the midwives office Jack said “Mommy decided she wanted to have three babies in her belly.”  So to clarify I said “You mean Jack was the first, Henry was the second and this baby is the third. Right? RIGHT?!”

I will keep doing all my normal yoga except for any twisting (including revolved poses) because twisting poses are dangerous to the fetus.

My NT scan is in 2 weeks and 6 days.

I am planning to have another VBAC.  I’m interviewing home-birth midwives, but I’m just not sure which direction I want to go, and oddly I’m not that concerned about it.  I’m fairly certain I want to have a Doula this time.

My midwives seem to be really Lyme Literate.  They want to make sure the virus is not active so they have ordered special blood work.  They also talked about some special ways that they will be monitoring me and Hitch, which makes me confident because it isn’t often that a medical professional knows more than I do.  Lyme is basically Chlamydia in the way it behaves, so it can be transferred to a fetus during pregnancy.  I’m pretty confident.

Questions? Ask away- my brain is mushy so I can’t really think about whether or not I’m forgetting anything.

Also, I SWEAR I’m going to clean my house today.  Because it’s just awful (if I’m too tired to do it it’s not going to get done.)  My husband is awesome at a great many things…. cleaning is NOT one of them.