I’m so glad I waited to write about this till today. Yesterday was awesome, until it was a disaster. Lets re-cap:

Jack believes school is cool!

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! Jack's classroom is a huge room so there's a portable wall that divides the room in half, which means there is a great mingling area for the parents!

Finally they opened the velvet rope!

Jack thinks circle time is for the birds.

So on the drive home from school Jack told me he didn’t like his new school. He wanted to go to his old “red” school. Commence hyperventilation! He went through a litany of reasons why he couldn’t go to his new school anymore, among them, “he needs to go to a red school” and “school makes my belly hurt.” Grrrrrrreat.

Jack froze up during circle time. When the group went to sing “If you’re happy and you know it” the song should have been “If you’re pissed off and you know it, stare daggers…” It’s less catchy, though. And then I remembered I HATED singing in school. It made me feel worried and anxious. Crap, he’s totally me.  (He may or may not have been bribed with ice cream when he got home.)

Today we played at a park in the morning, went out on a lunch date (with Henry, of course), and then went to school. He was excited to go. But I told his teachers that he doesn’t like singing. Which is true, he’s the same way at library story time.  He is not a fan of the big group sing.  They were all “No problem, we won’t push it.” Hopefully, when daddy brings him home today we will have a good report!  Fingers crossed!