This pregnancy has been (for the most part) the easiest of the three.

I can only draw one conclusion from this:  this baby will be born flipping me off.

I come to this “easy pregnancy” conclusion after careful consideration of the facts.  I am enjoying my first morning-sickness free pregnancy.  With Jack I felt like throwing up for about 8 weeks, but never actually threw up (go me!)  With Henry I puked.  Every morning when I brushed my teeth, barf.  Some days after breakfast, barf.

Both times I was SUPER picky about food, like the smell of garlic would make me want to vomit.  But I was ravenously hungry.  Which lead to the consumption of many bagels.  This time, no barfy feelings to speak of.  No weird food aversions.  No feeling super hungry.  Just:

Pregnancy Narcolepsy.

I don’t nap.  I have never been a napper.  (I know where Jack gets it.)  My husband is a light sleeper, but he can say “I’m going to go upstairs and take a nap” and usually within 30 minutes he’s out cold.  I can’t decide to nap.  It takes me more than an hour to fall asleep unless it’s night-time and then I’m out in 20 seconds.

So when I tell you I’ve been taking one or two naps a day you will understand my meaning.  Hell hath frozen over.

Downside?  Well there are two, really. 1. I can’t control when it happens.  It can be 7:30 am and I’ve just woken up and as soon as I sit down on the couch I’m asleep till 9:30.  Sometimes it coincides with nap time, and that’s nice.  But if I go all narcoleptic at 4:00 or later my night is totally humped.  I’ll be laying awake till 2am cursing my later afternoon nap.  So I wish I could choose when to nap, but hey, it could be worse.  2. Like, for example, how messy my house is because aside from sleeping all the time, when I try to get things done around the house it drains my energy at an exponential rate.  It’s craaaazy!  If I run to the grocery store in the morning it’s guaranteed that I will fall asleep at some point during the day.  Forget trying to go for a walk or do yoga, it takes days to recover.

Surprisingly, having two at home is not what’s making me tired.  It’s what’s saving me!  Jack and Henry are content to play together unsupervised in the playroom for an hour at a time, which means I can attempt to be productive or use that time to sleep.  Being pregnant with just Jack (ha ha) at home was much harder.  The only person who could entertain him was me.  Now they can lean on each other.  And the more they do the better they play and the stronger their bond.  It’s a win-win-win!

The biggest downside is my yoga.  I’m too tired to clean my house and often too tired to buy groceries.  So I’m almost always too tired to do the readings (spontaneous napping) and way too tired to do justice to the self-reflection.  My home practice has been reduced to supta baddha konasana on my couch.

If there is one thing that yoga teaches me that most certainly applies, I need to meet myself where I am; and I am tired.

Also I spent Henry’s entire pregnancy obsessing (like, every hour that I was awake) about whether or not I was going to have a VBAC and about whether he was going to be a boy and then whether or not I was okay with that.  I’m so good at obsessing about things.  Seriously, I’m awesome at it.  So when I say I’m not worried, I’m not wondering, I’m totally at ease, hopefully you understand how HUGE that is for me.   Maybe that’s the thing that makes this pregnancy easier than the other two… I’m finally free of all that.