I’ve been distracted.

When your midwives call you with results of your blood work, it’s not a great sign. They are concerned about my Lyme titers, which is essentially my antibody levels. They aren’t Lyme literate but they have told me they will take any article, pamphlet, tidbit of info I have and run with it. They finally have a copy of the original labs run by my primary care doctor. It’s helpful to have a better picture, but it’s only two sets of blood work and 2 points does not a line make. They plan to run titers again at my next appointment so that we can see which way I’m trending.

Since the tick bite is so recent, my body would still show signs of infection, even if I’m totally “cured”. The question isn’t if the infection is totally gone, but if my titers are decreasing. Which would show my body isn’t actively fighting infection (just continuing to flush the system). I hope this is the case. I’ll get the blood draw in 2 or maybe 3 weeks, which would conveniently put all the draws about the same amount of time apart. I don’t actually know if that will be more informative, but I like the sound of it.

If my results are not good I probably should have been on antibiotics for the entire pregnancy. Preventing the transfer of Lyme to the baby is key. Otherwise, I could have a chronically ill baby/child and I’d like to prevent that if I can. There is also the possibility of testing the chord blood at the birth, which can tell us if the baby has contracted Lyme, but finding someone willing to treat a baby, or even small child can be a huge challenge. We are just becoming sensitive to the overmedication (writing a Rx every time a kid has an ear infection, etc) so now doctors are extremely hesitant to put a child on a month-long course of antibiotics.

I don’t honestly know how likely any of these scenarios is in my situation but I’m worried that one of them- that isn’t the I’m fine, the baby’s fine, is going to be the situation I find myself in.

Here’s hoping I’m worrying for nothing.