This is me. At 16. I was a junior in high school. I was taking my first real yoga class, in high school, for my gym credit. Have I ever told you my high school was awesome? It was awesome.

My parents did yoga in the 70’s… hippies! So I already had exposure to yoga-type-stuff as a child. When I had a hard time falling asleep I would often be lead through a common yoga relaxation exercise where you tense up your feet and then relax them, and then your calves, thighs, etc. till you’re scrunching your face and finally tensing and then relaxing the whole body in unison. And then ZZzzz…

I digress, so I was in high school taking yoga with a teacher who insisted we called her “Griff.” It was a wonderful experience, aside from the obvious yoga being better than a semester of soccer, football and baseball. I remember telling all my friends in school that they should take yoga for their gym credit because it would make them feel so good! I even wondered if I tested better after a morning yoga class.

Yoga was always something I came back to, in college and graduate school, when I was pregnant with Jack, and obviously I’ve been majorly addicted for the last three years. It always felt like home.

Since January of this year I’ve been going through the process of becoming a yoga instructor. It’s been an incredible and transformative journey. Just as I had hoped it would be. We had a pair of guest instructors who were teaching our class about Aruveda, which in and of itself is incredible and mind-blowing.

The instructor for this class? My first yoga teacher, Griff.