Jack and Henry are best friends. Like, BFFFFFFFF.

Jack walks in the door of his classroom Henry whimpers and reaches for him, “Don’t leave me, bro!” I wake Henry up to pick Jack up at school Henry, who is usually the crankiest kid in the entire world when he wakes, up is downright excited. We’re going to get “Aaack!”

During nap time I have to keep a close eye on Jack, because he has been known, on occasion, to deliberately wake up his playmate. “Because Henry wants to play.” Riiiiiiight.

When Jack lands himself in timeout Henry will join him as a sign of solidarity. This never works in reverse, however. Jack is not a martyr.

If Jack tries to help himself to a snack, like a tube of squeezable organic yogurt, or an apple, or whatever he often comes with one for Henry. He tells me that Henry needs one too.

Sometimes Henry will come across a toy of Jacks. 50% of the time he will look around to see if Jack notices before frantically starting to play with Jack’s toy. The other 50% of the time he will run right to Jack and hand him the toy.

They have brotherly love in a big way.

It’s going to take a while before Hitch is able to participate in the friendship too, but when it happens I hope there will be room for one more. I’m sure there will be.