Now that I’m feeling much better it has come to my attention that I’m going to be very busy for the next 6 months. Some part of my brain (which is now controlling me like a marionette) has decided it’s perfectly acceptable to spend the rest of the pregnancy nesting. Problems, I haz them.

Here’s my list:

Make the nursery linens, including the comforter.

Re-do the coat, linen and nursery closets. (Meaning- strip them down, paint them and install new storage and organizational systems.)

Wear my husband down until he caves and helps me build a new media unit in the living room. (I love you, babe.)
Build a platform and under-bed storage for Jack (and soon to be Henry’s) room.

Tear down our rusted metal storage shed and build a new-and-improved custom shed/ workshop with room for bike and toy storage. Who needs a garage, right?
See, I already started the coat closet. I’m such an over achiever!

I’m resisting a near overwhelming urge right now….

to rip up the carpet on these stairs and run to the store to buy oak treads. This too will happen, but perhaps today is not the day…

Don’t worry, honey, today you will not come home to basement stairs torn asunder.