It was a busy weekend of working on projects around the house. We even put the kids to work. There’s nothing wrong with a little free labor, right? Right?

We have been working on this bed project for the better part of a year… okay, it’s only been a month but it feels like longer. Much, Much longer. Progress has been really painfully slow and the rain really hasn’t helped our ability to cut the wood.

In the mean time…

I found this tragic looking fireplace¬†grate at my local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store (Think Goodwill for building supplies.) Our fireplace fan doesn’t work very well, which means the best way to allow the heat of the fire to come into the house is to let the fire go with the glass doors wide open. That’s fine, but since the fireplace is in the playroom we needed a better solution.

For $10 there was NO WAY I was going to pass this up (I had been looking online which meant I already knew the dimensions of our fireplace and I already knew that buying one of these new was going to cost me $100.)

A little Engine-Grade spray paint rated to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for $5 at the hardware store. And it looks good as new!


Now we will be able to enjoy a crackling fire, and some ‘free’ heat this winter, even during playtime!

After all that work this weekend Monday feels like a vacation!