I am so psyched!

Yesterday I got a call that my quilts were ‘done’. (You’ll see what I mean by ‘done’.) This project has been in the works for a long time. Almost as long as that blasted bed for Henry (good thing he doesn’t need it yet!)

I designed the quilts and purchased the fabric on this day and found out I was pregnant the next day. I’ve been working on this project for a while. I was quick to finish the basic pattern, but then came the border which I slacked on. Finally I dropped it off at a local quilting place, they have one of those gigantic quilting machines that allows you to stitch the top fabric, the insulation and the muslin (back fabric) together usually using a fancy design.

Since I have a standard machine I was happy to hand off my project to professional hands with fancy equipment.

This is Jack's quilt. Blue.

There is one star inside each of the 7 billion (that might be an over-estimation) individual quilting squares.

This is Henry's quilt. Red.

Even the BACK of the quilt looks amazing!!

What’s left now is the binding (correct me if I’m wrong on the terminology here). So I’m stumped. There is a fabric that matches both Jack’s and Henry’s quilts and I could use it on both to tie them together. Or should I use a color to highlight each quilts palate? What colors or patterns would you choose?  Please advise!