Jack’s preschool had a field trip planned to the local State Park. It rained all night before and was still raining in the morning so I just assumed that school would reschedule the field trip. It’s entirely their prerogative, but I was disappointed to think that they would let a little rain stop them. There are preschools (mostly in cool places like Seattle) that run their entire program all day, every day in the wilderness. Rain. Snow. Whatever. I did at one point try to convince the husband to move so to the land of coffee and microbrews we could try to get the kids in one of those programs.

There is all kinds of research about free play and being outside and how it’s incredibly good for a child’s developlent. And it makes my inner hippie smile.

When the e-mail came that the field trip to the park was still on I was pretty psyched! I was one of the only parents who felt that way, but I told the director, this is awesome! The world doesn’t stop just because it rains. And yeah, she high-fived me. Besides, who doesn’t love an excuse to get cocoa!

Picnic lunch.

Hunting for natural treasures.

Animal home!

Down by the river.

Lovin’ the great outdoors.

Jack’s treasure chest. His assignment was to match colors of things he found in nature with the colors painted in the bottom of the egg carton. So fun!

We can appreciate a good cocoa at any age. But if you ask him, he will tell you that it’s coffee.