But it’s okay because it’s a different child depending on the situation.


Jack is gregarious and loquacious and emotional. Yesterday upon picking him up at school he made me run after his friend from class. I was carrying Henry, so it wasn’t easy. We catch up with said friend and he says “Hannah, this is my friend, Mommy. Mommy you need to talk to my friend, Hannah.” I’m not making this up. He was one step away from, ‘you both like kittens and are pro-snack time, discuss!’ Favorite.

Henry is even tempered and shy and might be a mute. He is content to snuggle in my arms or against my chest while I read. Could be a book for him, or a book for me, or even a blog. His need for hugs and kisses is totally spontaneous. Frozen isle of the grocery store? Perfect place to stop for a snuggle. Falls asleep in the car on the way to or from Jacks school? No problem! Mention the words crib and nap and he’s asleep in his own bed again like magic! Favorite.

Hitch is a wild card. An unknown. But at this point I know this: I am the most laid back in a pregnancy I have ever been, and that’s not just the soft cheese, and occasional deli meat and sometimes glass of wine talking, either. I have no aggression like no road rage no frustration with stupid people, hardly any frustration with politics. Normally, I’m so tightly wound I’m constantly gritting my teeth about something. Most enjoyable pregnancy, ever! Favorite.

Now maybe I’m embracing this pregnancy because I know it’s my last time to go through all of these things. It’s of course totally possible that I will eat my words in a few months time, but for now I’m going to kick back and enjoy!

So, yes, I play favorites, but lucky for my kids I’m a pretty mercurial person, so they will each get their time to shine.