Most people start out strong with the pregnancy and baby photos and then by the 3rd kid there’s like 3 pictures before the age of 10. I have clearly gone in the opposite direction.

It took me a while to get organized. I’ve always seen great progressive pregnancy pictures. Taken in the same clothes in the same location. But I’ve usually come across them when I was about 16 or 20 weeks. Too late to capture the whole event. This time I got organized. After about to minutes, when the shock that we are having our third NOW, and not in 4 or 6 months, like we had been thinking I did the only sensible thing. Chose an outfit and grabbed the camera.

So these pictures show the progression 4 weeks at a time. Since pregnancy is roughly 40 weeks and I have 10 fingers, it seemed the most logical mathematical solution.

4 weeks

8 weeks

12 weeks

16 weeks (taken 1 week ago)

There isn’t a question in my mind that I will eventually have to abandon the pink nursing tank and embrace a maternity shirt of some kind. The question is at what point will it be inappropriate or comical to attempt this picture in the pink shirt. I intend to go as long as I can and might even post a tragic and ridiculous looking picture of myself at some point.

(For the yogis reading this blog- I’m not sucking it in, but I am standing in alignment. When I let my bad posture take over that’s when I look pregnant-er.)