With Jack I was in such a rush for these big boy milestones. Utensils, cups, plates. Not this time.

1. I got wise. Giving a kid these tools leads to bigger and badder messes. Why would I inflict this on myself sooner than necessary?
2. It makes them look like big kids, which is also kinda sad. Although we do have out 3rd and final on the way so I’m not nearly as pressed to preserve the baby phases as I might be when it’s my final rodeo.

Today Henry asked for milk. He doesn’t really talk, so when he kinda said something that could pass for “milk” and he confirmed with enthusiastic gesturing it was clear. But then I gave him the sippy and he handed it right back and looked at me as if to say, “Wrong again. I’m surrounded by idiots.” It was quickly determined that the problem was not the content of the cup but the nature of the cup itself.

I believe I can expect to be doing more laundry until this new skill is mastered.