In the interest of full disclosure, this post is improperly named. Because first I’m going to talk about Thursday.

Jack’s preschool had the Halloween Parade on Thursday. Jack was NOT a fan. For how outgoing, dramatic and attention seeking he is, he really doesn’t like a bunch of grow ups staring at him. I took about 30 pictures that day. In every single one Jack is scowling. It’s hilarious! That couples with the fact that the 4 pictures I got of Henry- he’s cheesing it up, big time. I have never seen an 18 month old have love for Halloween like Henry does, granted no ‘creepy’ grown ups were staring at him…

Friday I started a rag rug project, which is much less cost effective when you don’t have old bed sheets you can cannibalize, but still just as fun. It’s coming along and I have the calluses to prove it. More on that later.

Saturday. I threw a Halloween party for some little kids, therefor it snowed. Every. Single. Party. I have thrown in the fall or winter has needed an inclement weather policy. Maybe my Christmas cookie party should be in June instead. Also, the husband completely disassembled our crappy aluminum shed so we can start building our luxury custom shed. Behold the hilarity of that sentence.

Sunday, we took some photos of the kids- I may have made a cameo or two. (As seen above.) the pics turned out great, now we have the pleasant problem of too many good ones!

This coming weekend I’m alone with the kids because the husband is backpacking… Since I didn’t love it the first time, he’s on his own for this one. What fun weekend thing could I do just me and my boys? What fun day activities do you have coming up? Help! I need ideas!