Many of the moms I know locally take their kids to the dentist to sell their excess Halloween candy. Most dentists coordinate a donation to troops overseas.

But I could do that, like, you know, directly. But I don’t know anyone serving (in real life) who is currently deployed. Solution: Exploits of a Military Mama! I put a message on her facebook wall, hoping she could hook me up with a soldier in need of some snack size chocolate, and a sugar rush. Success!!

Now she’s running a whole program, so if you have candy, or a soldier who likes candy,  head on over and get hooked up too!

When I asked Jack if he wanted to choose his favorite pieces to keep and give all the rest to a soldier who couldn’t go trick or treating he said “YEAH!” with serious enthusiasm!

I let him put the candy in the box and then keep a modest amount for himself to share with his brother.

I of course bagged the candy in Ziploc, but I wanted Jack to feel like he had done this all himself.

The next day, he’s still talking about ‘the soldier’ and doesn’t miss the extra pounds of candy one bit.