My neighbor down the street has 4 kids and keeps a mostly Martha house. That means she is known to channel Martha Stewart when it comes to organization and cleanliness. Six people in a 2,000 sq ft townhouse leads to some creative organizing.

Regardless of the number of people in the house and the size of the house there is one place that drives me nuts.

The coat closet.

When I was growing up, everything was just piled on the shelf. This lead to many a wollie avalanche, ah memories. I’ve tried bins and boxes for hats and gloves. But I still find that I spend a lot of time digging around for what I need. In the summer I can never find the chalk or the bubble stuff which leads to buying more and more when I don’t need to.

Now my problems are solved. For 10 bucks!



Sunglasses, hats, gloves, sidewalk chalk, umbrellas. Finally they’re all right there!! There appears to be room to grow, which is most important!