We decided to open it.

6 days ago, actually.

I handed the envelope to the Husband and said if I hand this to you and walk away what’s going to happen? As I turned away I heard the ripping of paper. I looked at him, he looked at the paper and smiled. Then turned the paper towards me:

Congratulations! It’s a Girl!
it read.


I burst into tears and then ran over to him and grabbed the paper and turned it over to look at the back and exclaimed “Are they sure?!?!”

Then the husband said “Just because you didn’t think we could make a girl doesn’t mean we didn’t.” I mean, who doesn’t love a double negative? Wait, is that a triple negative?

Anywho, so there it is. Shock, excitement, and a whole bunch of other emotions I’m still processing, which I will blog about on Monday. Along with a few other things.

Congratulations to Susan, Nick and their family, as they just welcomed baby Claire into the world.