Remember that time I learned that due to my derelict parenting Henry was not speaking at his 18 month visit?

Well he certainly has had a word explosion. He is now stringing words together and making requests like holding his PB&J hands out and saying “Mess. Wash, wash, wash.” He certainly is particular.

If I’m counting to three, like counting stitches in a protect or the equally likely counting to three for behavioral reasons after I say “One.” He says “Two, Three.”

When we put up the Christmas tree he ran around saying “ights!” for hours. (Lights.) Sometimes we catch him pointing at the tree saying “Blue.” “Green.” Not so much the yellow or red, but we have plenty of time to get to all that.

So now I feel sheepish! Not only were we holding back his ability to communicate with us, because now he has an awful lot to say, but we were also impeding his ability to understand and process the world, because he understands counting, or at least he has memorized what comes next, but he also understand more of what we say and often finds a way to ask for more information.

Seriously, if you feel like your child isn’t picking up a skill because of some unknown road block, just call the county/city/state and see what services are offered! You might be able to get them in an early intervention program to help with an actual developmental issue or you might get a quickie lesson in “each child learns differently” and then boom you and your little sweetie pie are suddenly seeing eye to eye! Just call! It’s free!! Seriously.