In the grand scheme of things our house is plenty large enough.  It holds all the members of our family, our belongings, and our food.  We don’t need it to be anything more than that.  If I’m maintaining true perspective this is my point of view.

But that pesky American dream of acquisition and upward mobility is tough to shake.  So we endeavor to improve our home and maximize the use of the space we are thankful to have.  More to the point, remember our shed project?

It’s finished, and it’s fabulous!

He’s so proud of himself. It’s very endearing.

I love that some of our most often used ‘handyman’ items are right on the door for easy access!

Moving the workbench into the shed provides a working surface out there, and frees up some space in the house so I can properly organize the belongings I already have! (My art and craft shenanigans is going to get its own consolidated home in the storage room. While the idea of painting in a room with no natural light isn’t an ideal for me, the idea that I could set up my paints and then not worry that the kids might get into them, well, that’s pretty much awesome!)

Our bicycles and the double jogging stroller also found a respectable home in our new shed.

My favorite part? That there is enough floor space for furniture work I’m thinking building, refinishing, repurposing. Oh, the decadent possibilities!