It really freaked me out.

I was trying to pick out a fancy cheese for a dinner party when I suddenly realized I couldn’t read the label. It was like looking through a prism, my vision was refracted and distorted.

My first thought was, “ZOMG! It’s pre-eclampsia! I’m on the cusp of viability, this is way too soon!!”

I hurried through the check out and carefully drove myself (and the kids) the 2 miles home.

I waited for a call back from my midwives while I drank oodles of water and kept my feet up.

They were able to fit me in that afternoon and when we explored all the symptoms we, (me using Dr. Google and she using her education and experience) determined I probably had a visual migraine. Let’s hope this was a one-time thing and not a recurring pregnancy symptom like her patient this summer who got worse and worse until delivery when the symptoms all disappeared completely.

They are asking me to see a neurological ophthalmologist. Just to make sure there isn’t another cause we are overlooking.