Technically, it’s the stairway to the basement, but that would be a far less-catchy song.

The carpet on the stairs was once “white”. It once stuck to the treads instead of rippling and puckering everywhere. Between the damage the cats were doing and the general grossness of the carpet, we decided it was time to go.
As I have allergies and generally we prefer wood we decided to replace the carpet with wooden stairs. We had already pulled up a small section to scope out what we would find and we knew that the treads were likely salvageable.

Rip off the carpet. Rip it off like it’s a Band-aid on your forearm. Don’t think, just grab hold and count to three.

Once the carpet has been bagged up and placed curbside it’s crucial (if you are us and you know this project will take a month to complete) to pull the staples and check for popped nails so as the kids travel up and down they can do so safely. Also, the spackel and paint drips left behind from the original construction have to be cleaned off. We use a green paint stripper which works like magic without harmful chemicals and noxious fumes.

After staining the stairs we added 2 coats of polyurethane. Then the surface of the stairs can be taped off so the molding of the stairway and the risers can be painted a crisp white.

And now the stairway to the basement is carpet-free.

Just to show you the contrast:

The before.

The after.