Christmas eve (night) and Christmas morning is reserved just for the 4 (soon to be 5) of us. It should be known as The Ghost of Christmas Family Unity. It’s all about loving my awesome kids, enjoying my fabulous (don’t get too full of yourself, dear) husband and making special and sometimes hilarious memories.

Here’s #2:

Jack immediately noticed Santa’s letter. He also noticed that Santa left some cookie behind. He was aghast, and then he ate it.

We opened our stockings, which look like sleeping bags. The best part is books fit inside them!

Santa doesn’t believe that the toys in the pink isle are for girls and the blue isle for boys, therefore he brought a doll house. Good call, Santa.

Jack enjoyed his space books.

And they both got a huge kick out of the workbench- complete with miter saw and drill press.  It doesn’t hurt that Mommy and Daddy are constantly picking up a tool for some project or another.