You know how Scrooge is visited by three Christmas spirits and then he sees the Christmas holiday celebrated three different times in three different ways?

This is kind of what our Christmas is like. We get to celebrate Christmas three separate times in three unique ways.

This is the first:

My mother-in-law, by virtue of often taking role of photographer and also often not liking how she photographs, (she’s weird like that) is hard to catch on film. She’s like lightning in that way. But we managed to catch her in the background of this Grandpa-Henry snugglefest.

The classic HO train was a huge hit! (Good thing we remembered to pull it out of the attic and test it out in advance.)

Henry makes adorable faces.

Jack’s magnifying glass is a huge hit, proving that simple gifts are often the biggest hit.

Celebrating Christmas with my husband’s parents is a laid-back experience.  It’s a lazy, lay about, read with the kids, catch-up on life kind of vibe.  They could be the “Ghosts of Christmas Chilaxin’.”