Planning this birth is ironic in every sense of the word. First of all, you can’t plan a birth. Prepare, yes. Educate yourself, Lord,I hope so. But planning implies control, and I believe a successful birth is one where you let your body do what it was designed to do and let go of control of the process. Secondly, whether or not I will have another successful VBAC (or really any vision for the birth) isn’t really on my radar.

We have projects going on around the house and school for Jack and although Henry doesn’t need help with his speech I did learn a few cool tricks which I have been trying to implement daily. And there’s getting the nursery decorated (in orange, but more about that later) and getting a few baby things. You’d think that I would have everything I need but there are a few items that I need to get and I’m determined to find as many of them used as I can. Which means lots of shopping trips searching and searching.

I know I’m not delivering at home. I would love to. I believe it is a safe and completely viable option, but there are 3 key problems: 1. The cost is exponentially more than going to the hospital. 2. I don’t have childcare built in to our day so if I was in labor during the day we would need to have friends or family come and take the kids, which is not convenient and a lot to ask. 3. The part in the hospital where it’s just me and the baby for a night or two, sounds positively decadent!

If I could have a med-free vaginal birth, that would be pretty much awesome. So in order to do that in a hospital I am hiring a doula. I contacted our local DONA doula certification person and she hooked me up with doula students. Doula students are much, much cheaper than certified doulas. I was lucky enough to find one with ‘field’ experience who is now seeking certification. All I need to do is complete an evaluation after the birth. Sweet!